How To Make A Chunky Yarn Blanket: The Easiest Method

You love to watch movies, read books till late at night. But while sitting on the couch, you get frozen by the cold! So, that’s why you’re planning to get a blanket.

Good, you should definitely get one. But which one you’re going to buy?

Wool knit blankets? Their crazy price probably will leave you in shock.

Well, how about you make your blanket. Don’t panic…we’ll guide you about how to make a chunky yarn blanket in the following. It’s super comfy, gorgeous and will give you the warmth you need on a cold night. So, let’s get started.

Things Needed to Make a Chunky Yarn Blanket

Seeing the texture of a chunky blanket, you must be wondering how many items you’ll need during the process. Well, you can rest assured that very few items are needed to make such a blanket. You’ll need –

  • 3-4 skeins of yarn
  • A measuring tape
  • Scissors

You can easily make a 30-inches wide and 50-inches long blanket by using 3 skeins of yarn. Since the yarn tends to stretch, your blanket may reach up to 60-inches long later. Besides, you can use more skeins if you want a bigger blanket; that’s completely up to you.

Washing Chunky Yarn Blanket

Though a chunky yarn blanket doesn’t need to be washed pretty often, yet you’ll need to take care of it after a long time. Follow the below guidelines to do it carefully.

  • Mix the wool wash with cold water and soak the blanket in it for about 30 minutes. Thus, the fibers will be able to soak the water completely.
  • If needed by the wool wash, then you can rinse.
  • Next, gently lift the blanket to drain out the water from it as well as let the water flow out of it. Most importantly, don’t squeeze or wring the blanket at this stage since the subtle fibers of the yarn can get damaged by this.
  • Now, stretch out some towels to lay your blanket flat onto it. Place more towels on the top of the blanket and roll the whole arrangement so that the excess water gets removed.
  • Afterward, take the blanket out of the piles of towels and lay it flat in a warm place that is directly out of sunlight.
  • Finally, leave it to dry. After some time, flip the blanket so that it can dry out completely. You can even use a heater or fan if needed.

How to Make a Chunky Yarn Blanket

We’re going to give you the easiest way by which you can make your chunky yarn blanket. You don’t need to have any sort of experience, just use your hands and get a large table to get started.

Make a Slip Knot

In the beginning, tie a knot at the end of your working yarn. Secure it tightly without breaking the yarn. Now, you’ve to make a simple slip knot.

Take the yarn and create a loose loop. By holding that loop, reach for the working yarn and pull that through the loop in your hands to make a slip knot.

Create a Chain

It’s time to create your chain. Use your thumb as well as pointer finger and reach inside the slip knot to grab the working yarn. Then pull the yarn through the loop to make the first chain.

Basically, depending on how much wide blanket you want, you’ll need to make the chain stitches.

It’s going to be the foundation of your chunky yarn blanket. You can create the chain long enough by creating 16 stitches, just make sure that the stitches aren’t too tight.

After getting your desired length, make real stitches by skipping the first stitch near the end of the chain. For that, you need to pull a loop of yarn throughout the loop by sticking your thumb along with the index finger by the top of the stitch.

If you want to have a loose-knit, you can pull a big loop. Else you can pull a small loop to get a tighter knit blanket.

Creating Row

Mimicking the above-mentioned way, continue to make a stitch in every single chain by following down the length of the chain. When reaching the end, skip the first stitch.

Then, start the same process and go back in the other direction. In this way, you need to continue the process till you get the blanket according to your desired length.

Join Skein of Yarn

When the working yarn comes to finish during the process, you’ll need to add a skein of yarn. Now that’s a piece of cake.

All you have to do is to tie the new yarn with the working yarn. Just hide the knot behind the blanket and carry on with making the stitches.


When you get your blanket at the desired length, it’s time to complete it. You need to hold two of the loops in your hand where the stitches ended. By grabbing the two loops, thread the working yarn by the loops.

You’ll end up with one loop in your hand. Hold that one loop and grab another one from the blanket and then pull the yarn out through the loop.

By continuing this process, you’ll end up with one last loop. Pull out the working yarn by the last loop and fasten it up.

Finally, cut a 6-8-inch tail of the yarn so that you can weave it into the blanket. Weave the tail behind the blanket by using your hand under and above the stitches to secure it.

Final Verdict

We’ve provided you with the easiest method to make a chunky yarn blanket. We bet that you’ll definitely enjoy making your blanket by following our techniques.

So, get some yarn and start making a cozy, trendy blanket right now. No more freezing nights while watching your favorite movies!

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