How to Knit Yarn Over Stitch: Everything You Need to Know!

If your pattern contains yarn over, it is time that you should know how to knit yarn over stitch. This one is an increase in the knitting procedure that is used to make eyelets, which are present in lace patterns.

It might look challenging in the beginning, but with practice, you will get adjusted to it.

From the following article, you will get all the information regarding this renowned knitting technique. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is a Yarn Over?

A yarn over creates an additional stitch on your needle and then produces a hole in the fabric. In the case of lace knitting, this process is considered a crucial part.

Surprisingly, you can do a lot of stuff with this technique. If you are interested in making buttonholes, decorative increases, or even innovative stitch patterns, you can definitely make your wish come alive.

How to Knit Yarn Over Stitch: Step-by-Step Process

Knit Yarn Over Stitch Process

Below, you will find the step-by-step process that you can follow to knit yarn over stitch. Keep reading.

Pattern 1: Knit, Yarn Over, Knit

When you have a pattern that consists of knit stitches located before and after the yarn over, you have to wrap the yarn in an anti-clockwise direction for yarn overs.

  • Step 1: Create the Yarn Over

Following the knit stitch, you have to create the yarn over by gently bringing the yarn to your work’s front. This is basically between the two knitting needles.

  • Step 2: Use the Needles

Slowly insert the right-sided needle into the left one and knit the stitch. Maintain your eye contact in a proper way throughout the whole time.

  • Step 3: Check Everything

Finally, you will find out that beginning with the yarn in your work’s front creates yarn over when you are going to knit the next stitch.

Give it a final check and make sure it is according to your satisfaction level. Congrats! You are done with this task.

Pattern 2: Purl, Yarn Over, Knit

If your pattern contains the purl stitch before the yarn over and a knit stitch at the end, you have to follow the same wrapping direction as the previous pattern (counter-clockwise).

  • Step 1: Look at the Position of the Yarn

After you are done with the purl stitch, you will see that the yarn is in your work’s front. This saves you from hassle since you are all set to knit yarn over stitch.

  • Step 2: Start Knitting the Stitch

Gently insert the right needle into the left and proceed with knitting the stitch. In this step, your eye contact is mandatory, so you must be vigilant throughout the time.

  • Step 3: The Final Part

When you are done with the previous step, start the yarn in your work’s front after the initial purl stitch.

You will then see that the yarn over is just being created magically when you are knitting through the final stitch.

Check everything from start to end and ensure it is according to your plan. When you are fully satisfied, you are done with this unique task, cheers!

How to Knit If Your Work’s First Stitch Has a Yarn Over?

Yarn Over Stitch

The methods are quite easy, and it depends on the pattern you have. Here are all of them.

Pattern 1: Yarn Over, Knit Stitch

Here is the step-by-step process for this pattern.

  • Step 1: Use the Right Needle

Start with the yarn in your needles’ front. Do it for your right needle.

  • Step 2: Start Knitting

Insert the needle to begin the knitting process. Since you have initiated the yarn in your needles’ front, it had wrapped around once before the knit stitch. So, the first stitch is made as a yarn over.

Pattern 2: Yarn Over, Purl Stitch

Check out this step-by-step process. The method is easy and time-saving.

  • Step 1: Guide the Yarn to the Front

Begin the process with the yarn in your right needles’ front. Wrap it for a single time around that needle in an anti-clockwise direction. In this way, you will be able to bring the yarn to the front.

  • Step 2: Create Your Yarn Over

To purl, gently insert the needle (the right one) and continue the process. As you had wrapped the yarn around your needle before you began purling, the first stitch has been created as a yarn over.


  • If you are not sure about the location of the yarn over in the knitting needle, don’t worry. Just go to the pattern of knitting, and find out their placement among the stitches.
  • Always keep the stitches in a straight direction on your needle. Don’t twist it, or else you are going to be in jeopardy.
  • To get a big-sized hole, wrap the yarn two times or more than that. Do it on the basis of the knitting pattern around the right needle.


These are all about the answers to the question, ‘how to knit yarn over stitch?’Go through this article a couple of times so that you get a good grip on it. Share it with your friends and family members.

Have a good day.

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