Best Vinyl for Tumblers Reviews in 2021(Buying Guide)

On the market for the best vinyl for tumblers? You have arrived at the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the most suitable vinyl for your tumblers, stick with us till the end.

There are so many to choose from that it can make you dizzy just by looking at the hundreds of choices. Most of them are similar, only a few stand out, and those are the ones worth buying.

DIY feels good when you have done something wonderful with the right results. So, to achieve a good-looking tumbler, go through our review section, and choose your favorite.

Top 8 Best Vinyl for Tumblers Reviews

This is our recommendation list for your vinyl purchase. They are all great with slight variations in their offerings. So keep on reading and choose one.

1. TechWrap Holographic Opal Craft Vinyl 12″ x 12″ 7 Sheets

The first vinyl on this list is the Holographic Opal glitter vinyl from TechWrap. If you’re looking to put a new look to your coffee mugs or your tumblers in question, then this product is worth looking into. Though it is the best glitter vinyl for tumblers, but the amount might not be enough for most.

Now, let’s have a look inside. This package contains 7 sheets with all the colors of a rainbow.

But the colors have a beautiful tone to them, such as the green is malachite instead of plain green and the orange color is beige. So you can guess that the visual is not going to be boring at all.

The sheets themselves have a standard measurement of 12” by 12”. You can cut and craft your design by mixing different colored sheets together. Use any craft cutting machine like silhouette cameo to do the job; the sheets are compatible with most machines.

In terms of use, there are practically no limits. You can put them on basically anything in your home, from home décor, your favorite scrapbooking, banners to your personal things such as vinyl decals, car decals, mugs, cups, and tumblers.

It is water-resistant. So it’s the best vinyl to use on tumblers that you’re going to put liquid drinks in. And the water resistance makes it usable in outdoor settings as well as indoors.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7 vinyl sheets
  • 7 colors, All colors of the rainbow are available
  • Water-resistant and strong adhesive
  • Suitable for all craft cutter machines
  • Assorted colors
  • Durable in most conditions

2. Ohuhu 70 Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets Set

In terms of people’s choice, Ohuhu’s vinyl sheets win the market easily. There’s no shortage of colors or sheets in this package.

Among the available products in the market, this is the best vinyl for metal and plastic tumblers, Also just as good for other solid surfaces.

When talking about colors, Ohuhu says there cannot be too many color options.

This package includes a whopping amount of 30 colors. You will be left overwhelmed, trying to pick and choose among them. If you love creativity, there’s no shortage of scope here.

All of the sheets come in 12” by 12” dimensions, which you can with any craft cutting machine available to you. And of course, you can use scissors to give them the shapes your heart desires. It’s as effortless as they come.

Mugs, photo frames, cups, tumblers, walls, and many other things are in a suitable range for these vinyl sheets. But, don’t use them on fabric applications; they won’t stick to it. You know how to use vinyl on tumblers.

If you don’t, we have written a short manual down below this review section. Do take a look. And you’re getting 10 transfer tape sheets to make your life easy!

The adhesive on this vinyl is strong enough to withstand frequent washing and usage indoors and outdoors. It’s eco-friendly, as well as it’s free from any toxic chemicals.

Highlighted Features:

  • 60 vinyl sheets
  • 30 colors, All colors of the rainbow are available
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible for all craft cutter machines
  • Assorted colors
  • Durable in most conditions
  • Transfer tape sheets


It’s very hard to list these products according to their quality as all of them are so close to each other. Nevertheless, it has to be done, and at number 3, it’s Kassa’s vinyl sheets. Is this better than the number 2 on this list? That’s for you to decide!

Kassa’s vinyl sheet set has the same number of sheets as the Ohuhu, and the number is 60. Will you need more? I doubt it. These sheets are strong with a 2.5 mm thickness, and it’s water-resistant to make your life easy.

What about the colors, you ask? Well, it does come short compared to Ohuhu at only 10 colors, but they’re an assorted bunch with both glossy and matte colors included in them.

They’re all the rainbow colors in the glossy version and both black and white in a matte version. To make things better, you’re getting a felted squeegee as well.

And yes, they’re compatible with any modern craft cutter machine-like silhouette cameo. Designing and cutting them is quick. These 12” by 12” sheets can be cut and shaped to the sizes you prefer without damaging the integrity.

Thanks to the permanent adhesive, the vinyl stays stuck even after frequent washing in both indoor and outdoor usage, and this feature makes it the best permanent vinyl for tumblers.

There’s no end to creativity, and these vinyl sheets won’t certainly stop you from being creative.

Your cups, mugs, tumblers, and any solid surfaces around you can be the target to place these sheets except on fabric-covered surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • 60 vinyl sheets
  • Water-resistant and strong adhesive
  • Suitable for all craft cutter machines
  • All colors of the rainbow are available
  • Assorted colors
  • Durable in most conditions

4. 12.125” x 50ft Roll of Oracal 651 Gold Craft Vinyl

At number 4, we have the Oracal 651 Gold vinyl with its wide size and a huge roll. Unlike other vinyl packages, this one doesn’t come in pieces of sheets you can use individually. And you will have the freedom to use different lengths for your crafting projects.

This Oracal 651 vinyl comes in a 50 feet long roll with 12.125” width. The roll gives you flexibility in your design and the ability to craft bigger projects. What better than being able to store the vinyl in a single package as a whole!

With the 12.125” wide Oracal 651 vinyl you can create full 12” projects with your 12” machines. The width of the roll allows you to create borders around your 12” by 12” projects thanks to the extra .125”. You can use any craft cutter to mold and shape them.

One of the perks of this oracal 651 vinyl roll is the cardboard core. It makes it a whole lot easier to pull and cut the amount of vinyl you need.

And of course, this roll means you can simply store them in a narrow space without having to use boxes to store them.

It is as versatile as any of the vinyl out there but again, the 50 feet long oracal roll is something extra you can look forward to.

The adhesive is strong enough to use on any solid surface area you want, such as tumblers, of course, and as well as on any mugs, cups, letters, signs, vinyl decal, and what not!

Highlighted Features:

  • 50-feet long vinyl roll
  • Cardboard roll
  • Extra width of 12.125”
  • Suitable for all craft cutter machines
  • Single colored rolls

5. IModeur Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets (40 Packs, 12 “x12”)

5th on this list is vinyl from IModeur. As far as quality is concerned, it hasn’t disappointed at the customer level.

But is it good for your need? It might as well be more than enough with its assorted colors and a huge number of sheets.

One problem with many of the vinyl packages in the market is that you don’t know what colors you’re going to receive in what amount.

And that’s why assorted color packages are the best. You know what you’re paying for. This package does exactly that.

The package comes in a pack of 40, with each sheet having 1 color. They are durable, and as per the manufacturer, the adhesive on this vinyl will for 4-5 years in both indoor and outdoor uses.

You won’t even use the same tumbler for that long. Moreover, you can use it on any solid surface of your choice.

Moreover, the fact that it doesn’t come in a vinyl roll has benefits because it’s already flat.

You just put it into your craft cutting machine or use scissors to create designs. The double-layered plywood design gives it the strength to withstand pressures — no more bent corners!

The backing and liner on this vinyl are top-notch. Moreover, you can’t fault the adhesive either. You can cut into it without worrying about it being ripped apart. It makes your job easier and quicker.

Highlighted Features:

  • 40 vinyl sheets
  • Water-proof and strong adhesive
  • Suitable for all craft cutter machines
  • All colors of the rainbow are available
  • Assorted Colors

6. Holographic Opal Chrome Rose Gold Craft Vinyl

This one is for a specific range of people looking to create projects oriented towards women’s taste. The rose gold color is always a sight to behold, and when it comes in 6 different versions, it’s even better. You’ll love the Chrome look of it.

There’s a lot to say about the color of this set of vinyl. Each of the sheets has a different version of rose gold. They are mermaid, beads, satin metallic, mirror chrome, starlight brushed, and holographic. You’ll be getting 1 of each in your package.

The sheets have a 12” by 12” size, and as the standard size for most projects, this should do your job properly.

In terms of compatibility, any craft cutter machine is suitable for these. Cricut Explore, Silhouette, and Cameo; all three are quite popular with the users to use with these sheets.

One problem you might face is the small number of sheets. You’ll be getting only 6 of them with 6 different versions of rose gold. The price isn’t low for the number of sheets, but if you can afford to get more, it should be worth it.

The sheets are water-proof, and the adhesives are strong enough to withstand both indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, these are quite easy to cut and design.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful Rose gold color in different versions
  • Double-layer material and water-proof
  • Compatible with all craft cutter machines
  • Only 6 vinyl sheets
  • Assorted Colors

7. Bright Idea Permanent Vinyl Sheets – 70 Pack 12”x12”

This vinyl package has the most number of sheets on this list. The bright idea is giving you a whopping amount of 70 sheets with a huge range of colors in the standard size of 12” by 12”.

If you’re going to do a large number of crafting projects, this looks like a good option. Its price and offers make it the best printable vinyl for tumblers, if not one of the best.

Bright idea’s heat transfer vinyl sheets have all the necessary features to be on your list, especially their highly durable adhesive. As per the manufacturers, the adhesives will last for more than 4 years.

No one uses their coffee mugs or tumblers that long! And these sheets are easy to cut with the most popular machines.

And the colors! There are a whole lot of them. All the colors of the rainbow are included, and also different versions of those colors.

But the colors are not assorted. So each customer will get a different amount of each color. If you’re not going for a specific set of colors, this won’t be a problem.

The sheets are water-proof, resistant to UV-rays, and any natural exposure.

And that means any design you make inside your house and outside should be pretty safe. The 3-millimeter thickness has a lot to say regarding the durability.

What can you use the sheets on? Anything that has a solid surface area it can cling to is suitable for it. Ceramic, tiles, mugs, cups, vinyl decals, mirrors, and of course, tumblers!

Highlighted Features:

  • 70 vinyl sheets
  • Water-proof and it can be used on many surfaces
  • Compatible with all craft cutter machines
  • All colors of the rainbow are available
  • Random Colors

8. Lya Vinyl Permanent Holographic Opal Craft Vinyl 12 x 12 inches 15 Sheets

The last vinyl sheet package on our recommendation list is from Lya. These are holographic vinyl sheets that have a variety of colors that react to light hitting them at different angles.

If you’re looking for something to make colorful designs, you might consider these for a change.

How many sheets are you getting? You’re getting 15 vinyl sheets per pack, with each sheet having a single color.

They have the standard 12” by 12” size. The amount is more than enough for a small project. But the affordable price of the pack makes an argument for another purchase if you need more.

The sheets come in a flat shape compared to the vinyl rolls. This is a good thing because flattening the vinyl sheets consume time, and it’s irritating.

Just get them out and put them on a Cricut machine and get on with your beautiful creation. And yes, any craft cutting machine will work. This is the best vinyl for tumblers cricut on the market you can see.

You can use the vinyl sheets on a variety of objects like tumblers, mugs, cups, ceramic, vinyl decals, windows, car decals, and basically on all solid surfaces. The two-layer PVC material protects it from damage and gives it durability.

As for extras, there are two transfer papers included in the package. We all know how relieved we become when we find transfer paper in our packs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable price
  • Double-layer PVC material
  • Compatible with most machines
  • 2 transfer papers
  • Assorted Colors

Factors to Consider Before Buying Vinyl for Tumblers 

I’m sure you’ve seen the market a few times in search of the right vinyl. You’re confused and that’s why you’re here.

Do not worry — it happens. Just make sure to complete your purchase while keeping a few information in mind. These are the factors that will seal the deal for you.

Types of Vinyl

First, you should know that there are mainly two types of vinyl. One is adhesive vinyl and another is Iron-on vinyl, aka HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl.

  • Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl is like stickers. It has two sides, one side has the design on it and the other side is sticky to attach to the surface. The side with design can be glossy or matte, it might also have patterns, glitters, or any other designs.

On the sticky side, you have a paper working as a backing, this is the one you’ll peel off when applying it on your glitter tumblers.

  • Iron-on vinyl / Heat Transfer Vinyl

On the other hand, Iron-on vinyl works with heat application. It has a carrier sheet that covers the side with a design, which will be revealed once you apply it. This carrier sheet is clear for the design to show itself.

The other side has a kind of adhesive which is activated through heating and not sticky to touch. It feels easier to apply its surfaces due to this adhesive technique.

What Does Your Project Need?

But which one is for you? For tumblers and mugs, it’s the adhesive vinyl. It works on stainless steel, glass, plastic, and all sorts of surfaces.

But then again, this vinyl comes in two types. One is removable and hence temporary. Another is permanent and can only be removed through a heat press.

Removable vinyl is appropriate for temporary designs. And these are best for indoor application. It can be great for the walls.

However, permanent vinyl is appropriate for outdoor applications or for things that need washing frequently. Temporary vinyl will come off with regular washing.

It’s usually water-resistant and UV-resistant. You have figured out the vinyl you need, right? Yes, you need the permanent adhesive type of vinyl.

Glossy or Matte Finish?

The design is glossy or matte will matter besides the visual effects. And the matte finish will keep off fingerprints and water stains from the surface.

So, if you’re someone who likes their tumblers looking clean, then matte finish might be the one for you.

But matte vinyl does attract more dust, while glossy vinyl always looks fresh and just some wet wipes can keep it clean in a swipe. Now which one is for your project?

How to Wrap a Tumbler With Vinyl: A Step by Step guide

Tumbler With Vinyl

If you have your desired vinyl at hand, now it’s time to put it on your tumbler.

  • Preparation

Make your tumblers prepared for the process but washing and drying it. Now clean it with rubbing alcohol.

It will get rid of any stickiness that might have been on it. The vinyl will seal better in this way.

  • Place the Paper on the Tumbler

Now, take a transfer tape and apply it to your vinyl. Then take the paper and place it on the tumbler where you want it.

Use the hinge method; use transfer tape or any tape to stick it down the center to secure it tightly.

  • Lay Transfer Paper on Tumblers

Now, make sure to use transfer tape down straight. You can’t go back once you peel off the paper below.

Then, peel half of the transfer paper, and hold it there until you cut the white backing. Gently, lay the transfer paper on the tumbler surface and press it down and rub the area slowly.

  • Peeling of the transfer paper

After you made sure it’s secure, move on to the other side. Peel off the rest of the backing and lay the transfer paper on the surface while smoothing it out with your fingers.

Now you can slowly start peeling off the transfer paper.

Frequently Asked Questions of Vinyl for Tumblers

1. Does vinyl stick to tumbler well?

If you use the right ones, as the ones reviewed above, they will work perfectly. Make sure to use outdoor or permanent vinyl.

One point you need to remember is that, although they’re called permanent vinyl, you can still remove them if you apply enough heat to them.

2. What is the difference between removable and permanent vinyl?

Usually, permanent vinyl gives a glossy finish, and removable ones have a matte finish on the outside.

3. Can you use epoxy on vinyl decal?

Yes, you can use it on a vinyl decal. There’s no prohibition we’ve heard of. Epoxy does make the bottom of the tumbler more stable.

4. Do you seal your vinyl on mugs or cups?

No, generally, you don’t seal the vinyl on mugs or cups as most manufacturers recommend that you don’t use any sealer. But if you use epoxy, then it’s mostly for glitter tumblers.

5. Why is the vinyl peeling?

The answer is time. If you pressed it for too long or too short a period, it will cause the vinyl to peel off.

Final Words

Now that you’ve read through the reviews, I hope you do feel confident about your purchase. Anyone of the above can be the best vinyl for tumblers if it matches your budget and taste.

So don’t be hesitant, and make the purchase. And if this article helped you, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

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