Top 10 Best Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture For 2023

Looking for the Best Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture for you can be a bit of a pain, because there are hundreds of options available on the market. We tried to make it easy and come up with some cool recommendations that can be the best deal for you.

If you’re after the Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture, you’re in luck as we’ve rounded up all of our top picks for you to have a look at below.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture!

Top 10 Best Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture For 2023

SaleBestseller No. 1
Four Paws Keep Off! Cat Repellent Spray Outdoors & Indoor 6 Ounces
  • FOR CATS AND KITTENS - Safe for cats and kittens
  • KEEPS PETS OFF OF FORBIDDEN AREAS - Effective Pet deterrent spray for furniture, carpets, trees, shrubs, garbage cans, and more
  • 24-HOUR PROTECTION - Cat spray deterrent lasts all day when used daily
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Effective cat spray repellent for outdoor and indoor items
  • MADE IN THE USA - Keep Off! is proudly made in the United States!
Bestseller No. 2
3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with Bitter | Cat Training Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Use | Anti Scratch Furniture Protector | Establish Boundaries & Keep Cat Off | Made in The USA (8oz)
  • TRAIN YOUR CAT TO STAY AWAY FROM TREATED AREAS: Live in harmony and establish boundaries with your kitten or cat with Bodhi Dog 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with added bitters. Our cat training spray uses a scent your feline friend can’t stand but pleasant to the human senses. With consistent use of our cat training spray, your cat or kitten will associate which areas are off-limits, where a cat’s presence is not desired and deters scratching and chewing.
  • EFFECTIVE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Simply spray on the target area to keep cats and kittens away from furniture, carpet, wood flooring, plants, drapes and other items. Reapply every 24 hours until the habit is broken. Cats use their sense of smell to determine where to spend their time, and the amount to use depends on the severity of the cat's habits. When first using, test for adverse effects by spraying a small amount on an inconspicuous area. Only use in a well-ventilated space.
  • ADDED BITTERS TO PREVENT CHEWING: No need to yell or swat when your feline friend chews on the plant! The added bitters in the formula do not harm your cat, it just makes any surface you spray taste awful. Our Cat Training Spray is safe for use on most materials, including fabrics, furniture, woodwork, walls, drapes, plants, and carpets! NOTE: Natural bitters may trigger allergic reactions in humans and animals. Use sparingly at first to ensure safety and only use in a well-ventilated space.
  • LONG LASTING & SAFE FORMULA: Safe to use around plants and won’t stain water-safe furniture or fabrics. Our animal-cruelty free formula is a long-lasting blend of ingredients that will stop cats from scratching furniture and destroying your other precious items in your house. It is safe to use around other pets and children when used as directed. Our Cat Training Spray is intended as a training aid and deterrent, be sure to provide enticing scratchers and toys nearby.
  • OUR ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly made in the USA using socially responsible practices, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, animal cruelty-free production, and eco-friendly recyclable packaging. If you don't love our 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid, please let us know. We are a small family-owned business of pet lovers committed to making great products that are safe for you, your pets, and the planet!
SaleBestseller No. 3
Hywean Cat Deterrent Spray, Cat Scratch Repellent Spray for Furniture, Anti Scratch Cat Spray Deterrent Training Outdoor, No Scratch Spray for Cats
  • Cat deterrent spray: our no scratch spray for cats is formulated with bitters and botanical extracts to repel cats by emitting a scent they don't like, which is an effective alternative to harsh training methods.
  • Protect furniture and home: this cat spray deterrent for scratching prevents most cats from scratching furniture and sofa. Our cat scratch spray deterrent for furniture can be used on things you want to prevent pets from scratching indoors and outdoors, including electrical wiring, clothing, furniture, sofa, curtains, plants or anything else they chew and scratch.
  • Easy to use: we spray the cat anti scratch spray on where cats like to be. Spray 3 times a day in the early stage. After the smell subsides, repeat the cat spray deterrent for scratching on the furniture several times according to the degree of volatilization. Generally, the cat repellent spray for furniture should be used continuously for 1-2 weeks.
  • More effective: cats rely on their sense of smell to determine where to hang out. The cat anti scratch spray for furniture will leave a scent cats don't like, making them less likely to stay where the no scratch spray for cats has been applied. Maybe have a strong scent to some people. Make sure to always use cat spray deterrent for scratching in a well-ventilated area.
  • Not just for cats: our cat repellent spray for furniture is not only safe for cats, but also for other animals like dogs, puppies, rabbits, hamsters, and more. Our cat deterrent spray for furniture indoor stops these animals from damaging your garden, plants and other off-limits areas without leaving traces.
Bestseller No. 4
Inscape Data Cat Repellent Spray, Cat & Kitten Training Spray with Bitter, Anti Scratch Furniture Protector, Keep Cats Off - Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • 【Protect Furniture】 -- This safe and natural cat non-scratch spray prevent most cats from scratching furniture and sofas. Anti-scratch spray contains a natural bitter taste, which effectively prevent cats from scratching and chewing.
  • 【100% Safe Formula】 -- Anti-scratch spray uses the most advanced formula and uses safe ingredients from natural sources (rosemary, citrus extract) to increase bitterness,specifically for cats, effectively preventing scratching.
  • 【Orange Scent with Bitter】 -- Anti-scratch uses smells that feline friends cannot tolerate, but it feels pleasant to people. Continue to use our cat training spray, the smell will create a taboo and scratch-free area for your cat.
  • 【Easy To Use】 -- Just spray it where you want your cat to stop scratching. We recommend spraying 3-4 times a day for the first two weeks, and then reduce the frequency of spraying as the cat's behavior improves.
  • 【Indoor & Outdoor Use】 -- Cat repellent spray can be used for items that you want to prevent cats from being chewed and scratched indoors and outdoors, including electrical wires, clothing, furniture, sofas, curtains or other items they chew.
SaleBestseller No. 5
SmartyKat Scratch Not Scratch Deterrent Spray for Cats - 13.5 Fluid Ounces
  • SCRATCH DETERRENT: Scratch Not Spray contains a blend of lemon and eucalyptus essential oils, scents cats actively avoid; the spray helps train and condition cats from scratching anywhere they please with a simple spritz on surfaces popular with claws
  • HELPS SAVE FURNITURE: The citrus scent helps repel cats and keeps them from making a mess of your furniture; for best results, place a scratcher nearby to help redirect their behavior to more appropriate scratching outlets
  • EASY TO USE: Simply spray where needed (walls, furniture, furnishings, etc.) to help keep cats away; DO NOT spray directly on cats
  • DISCLAIMER: Not all cats are repelled by the odor of the spray; if your cat does not react to the spray, try a different method such as our Scratch-Not Tape
  • CAUTION: Scratch Not Spray may damage certain surfaces, including wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, and wallpaper; always test a small piece on an inconspicuous area of the subjected surface
Bestseller No. 6
dsjhk Cat Deterrent Spray Indoor, Cat Repellent Indoor for Cat and Kitten, Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Aid for Furniture, Sofas, Rugs, Curtains, Plants, Cat Deterrent Indoor and Outdoor
  • 【Protecting Furniture and Couch】Cat deterrent spray can prevent cat scratching furniture and couch. Contain natural bitter apple agent that effectively prevents cats from scratching and chewing with just one spray.
  • 【Applications for Indoor and Outdoor】Effective against domestic and feral cats. In the room, establish boundaries by spraying precise areas to repel and train cats. Out of doors, repel stray cats by spraying a wide area.
  • 【Upgrade Formulation】Our cat repellent mainly includes biodegradable botanicals such as citrus extract and rosemary. No water stains will be left where it is attached, very friendly to your sofa and upscale furniture. No harmful substances to vegetables and fruits, protect your garden.
  • 【Effectively Trains】Indoors we recommend that you use an cleaner to completely remove the odor. Outside, remove the soil marked by the stray cat and spray the plants with fresh water. Finally, spray the cat deterrent regularly according to the cat's reaction until a good habit of not entering the forbidden area is developed.
  • 【Veterinarian Recommendations】As pet health experts, we recommend do not expect immediate results with just 1-2 applications, training your pet requires patience and strategy, regular periodic spraying and you will definitely receive desired results.
Bestseller No. 7
NaturVet Pet Organics No Stay Spray Pet Training Spray for Cats – Helps Deters Cats from Furniture, Rugs, Fabrics – Includes Herbs, Plants, Essential Oils as Deterrent – 16 Oz.
  • STOP CATS FROM DAMAGING FURNITURE: If your pets are lounging on rugs, furniture and areas of your home, help deter them from damaging your possessions with NaturVet Pet Organics No Spray Pet Training Spray for Cats.
  • HELP DETER CATS FROM MARKING FURNITURE: NaturVet Pet Organics No Spray Pet Training Spray for Cats provides pet owners with a solution to minimize damage to furniture with herbal and plant compounds, as well as essential oils to deter cats from marking or lounging on furniture.
  • MINIMIZE FELINE MARKING WITH NON-TOXIC SPRAY: This easy-to-apply pet spray is non-toxic and water-based so it does not damage your furniture or fabrics. Simply spray on rugs or furniture where cats reside to deter them from causing future damage to your household furniture.
  • VETERINARIAN FORMULATED CAT SPRAY SUPPLEMENT: Support your pet’s active lifestyle with this cat spray that features a scent that repels your pets from indoor areas you wish to preserve.
  • PET PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST: Since 1994, NaturVet has been serving the four-legged community with wholesome, vitamin-infused dog supplements so that your pup or senior dog maintains a healthy lifestyle. Made in the USA, each pet product from NaturVet is cGMP compliant and wheat-free.
Bestseller No. 8
Cat Repellent Indoor, Cat Spray Deterrent, All Natural Bitter Dog Repellent Spray,Natural Effective Prevent Scratching Stay Away from Restricted Areas for Pet Behavior Training Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Natural & Effective - Pet Repellent Spray uses naturally sourced safe ingredients (rosemary, citrus extract) to increase bitterness, no harsh chemicals or additives, and will not harm your pet or spray items! Anti-scratch spray prevents most cats and dogs from scratching furniture and sofas. Effectively prevent pets from scratching and chewing.
  • LASTING 24-HOUR - The spray deterrent effect will last all day! So you don't have to look after your pet all the time. Even if we're not here, the spray will stop your furry friend from revisiting and destroying the same place.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - Pet repellent spray is used on the items you want to prevent dogs and cats from being chewed and scratched indoors and outdoors, including wires, clothes, furniture, sofas, curtains or other items they chew on.
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY - Avoid pets urinating everywhere, biting and scratching furniture, shoes, clothing, etc, prolonging the service life of furniture, and saving money. You need not spend more time tinkering or even buying these things.
  • HOW TO WORK - Just spray it where you want your cats and dogs to stop scratching. We recommend spraying 3-4 times a day for the first two weeks, then less frequently as your pet's behavior improves.
Bestseller No. 9
Cat Deterrent Spray, Anti-Scratch Cat Deterrent Spray with Bitter for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Training Cat Behavior & Protect Furniture
  • ANTI-SCRATCH & CHEW SPRAY FOR CAT - Our cat deterrent spray is aim to prevent most cats and dogs from scratching furniture and sofas, and train pet's behavior, so no more destroying and suffering, create a peaceful space for you and your pets.
  • DETERRENT SPRAY WITH BITTER - This anti-scratch cat deterrent spray has a bitter taste that pets can not stand and hate, but has no effect on human beings can effectively prevent cats from scratching and chewing, to train your pet to create a non-scratching area.
  • NATURAL & SAFE - Made of a natural blend of herbal extracts, such as rosemary, and citrus extracts, contains no harsh chemicals or additives, this pet deterrent spray is safe for your pets, feel free to use it in wires, clothing, furniture, sofas, curtains, or other items they chew on.
  • FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - Our cat scratch deterrent spray is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for indoor furniture, bedsheets, and carpets but also outdoor plants and other items, effectively protecting them from scratching by cats.
  • EASY TO USE & LONGLASTING - Just simply spray it on the items, 3-4 times a day for the first two weeks, then reduce the frequency of spraying as the pet's behavior improves. The deterrent spray has a long-lasting effect, don't need to keep an eye on your pet all day!
Bestseller No. 10
Mighty Petz Cat Repellent Spray for Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor Use – No Cat Scratching Spray – Alcohol Free Cat Deterrent – Cat Spray Behavioral Training Aid – Couch Protector, 8 oz
  • Use Mighty cat repellent indoor furniture to stop cats from scratching on inappropriate objects – You love your pet to bits but can’t help to get a little annoyed or frustrated when you beloved kitty scratched your new couch again!
  • Doesn’t stain - Our indoor cat repellent spray - has 6 unique ingredients formula created by vets contains All Natural Ingredients like Rosemary, Vanilla and Cinnamon extracts to help to keep your cat from scratching.
  • Cat training aid + Bonus video – Scratching is a natural cat’s behavior but I bet you don’t want your coffee table or curtains to be ripped apart by your much-loved pet! Anti Scratch Spray is to help cat training by making objects scratch proof.
  • Safe to use on all surfaces – Indors & Outdoors - Our spray is safe for various surfaces including: wood, fabric, leather, suede, microfiber, carpet, stone, marble, rope, bamboo, veneer, stucco, plaster, plastic, rubber, corkboard, houseplants.
  • Our promise & Transparency – We put our hearts, professional expertise, and experience into creating amazing products that caring Pet Parents will love. If you are not fully satisfied, just contact us and we’ll make things right. No questions asked
Bestseller No. 11
Cat Spray Deterrent, Cat Repellent Spray Suit for Indoor & Outdoor, 120ml Anti-Scratching Cat Training Spray, Used to Prevent Cats from Scratching Plants & Furniture, Safe for Children & Plant
  • [Cat Spray Deterrent] - Choose our cat spray deterrent! A gentle spray will give off the unpleasant smell of cats & natural bitter taste, which can effectively prevent pets from scratching & chewing. We have tested most cats & proved that they are effective.
  • [Protect the Furniture] - Are you still sad about the curtains & sofa scratched by the cat? Our cat repellent spray is applicable to furniture, clothes, sofa, curtains, plants or anything that cats think can chew! Prevent your pet from licking & chewing your furniture!
  • [Safe & Mild Formula] - Our anti scratch cat spray formula uses mild ingredients from natural sources, such as rosemary, citrus extract. It does not harm pets while preventing cats from wandering or scratching in any area of the home, corrects their bad habits!
  • [Widely Applicable] - You can also use this cat repelling spray to keep noisy pets away from your private area! Cats & dogs are equally effective. You can use them outdoors or indoors, they can give you satisfactory results!
  • [Easy to Use] - Just spray the cat repelling spray on the place where you want the cat & dog to stop scratching. We recommend spraying 3-4 times a day in the first month, then reduce the frequency of spraying as your cat adapts to their new behavior.
Bestseller No. 12
NOOBECR Cat Spray Deterrent - Cat Repellent Spray Suit for Indoor and Outdoor, Prevent Scratching, Stay Away from Restricted Areas, Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 😺【Just Spray to Deter Scratch】: Cat scratching deterrent spray easy to use. It has been meticulously picked to be both plant-based and gentle, as well as test to be effective with a majority of cats. We recommend spraying 3-4 times daily for the first month, and then lessening frequency when your cat adapts to their new behavior.
  • 😺【Protect Furniture & Wall】: Is the furniture at home always scratched by cats? Our cat scratch deterrent can be used indoors and outdoors. Cat no scratch spray suit for furniture, electrical cords, clothing, sofa, curtains, plants or anything else they find to chew on! And will not leaves any stain and residue on the surface.
  • 😺【More Effective Than Tape & Noisemakers】: Cats rely on their sense of smell to determine where to hang out. The anti-cat scratch spray will leave a scent cats don't like, making them less likely to stay where the spray has been applied. Maybe have a strong scent to some people. Make sure to always use it in a well-ventilated area.
  • 😺【Cat Deterrent Spray】: Our cat repellent spray can also help other pets correct bad habits, such as kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits and hamsters. If you have any suggestions on our cat scratch flexible spray, please contact us, we will provide you with a solution within 24 hours.
  • 😺【Non-Toxic & Safe Formula】: Our cat deterrent spray formula uses botanical-derived, gentle ingredients like citronella to deter cats from loitering or scratching any area of your home. This cat spray deterrent stops most cats to damage a house. Stop your pet from licking, chewing fur, bandages and wounds with this cat deterrent spray.
Bestseller No. 13
Trinova Off Furniture Spray - Deterrent for Pets, Cats, Dogs, Puppies, Kittens - Anti-Scratch Rosemary, Ginger, Geranium, Lemongrass Training Aid
  • ☑️ Training aid: Help train your dog or cat to stay off certain types of furniture. Works great deterring cats from messing with your Christmas Holiday tree., lights, ornaments and more. This is not a miracle spray, it should be used as a training aid.
  • ☑️ Deters cats and dogs: Our formula is a blend of rosemary, lemongrass, ginger and geranium which are all common natural deterrents for pets.
  • ☑️ Anti-scratch spray: It will also help deter cats from scratching your couches, sofa, arm rests and more.
  • ☑️ Multi-surface: Use it on any surface – couches, beds, chairs, outdoor furniture, sofas, electrical chords, Christmas Trees, Christmas Decor, ornaments and more.
  • ☑️ 100% satisfaction guarantee: Scents are subjective, so what works for your pets may not work for others. Keep this in mind when trying the Off Furniture Spray. If it doesn't work for you, please take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee for a refund.
Bestseller No. 14
EBPP Stop The Scratch Cat Spray Deterrent for Kittens and Cats - Non-Toxic, Safe for Plants, Furniture, Floors and More Cat Deterrent Spray with Rosemary Oil and Lemongrass.
  • Exclusive Keep Off Cat Spray - Our formula safely and effectively deters scratching. We use naturally derived, safe ingredients like Rosemary Oil and Lemongrass in our no scratch spray for cats and kittens. Our cat counter deterrent and cat scratch deterrent can stop cats from scratching furniture, floors, drapes, and more. Deters cats from loitering and scratching in any area of your home
  • More Effective Than Tape and Noisemakers - Cats rely on their sense of smell to determine where they hang out. They hate this anti scratch cat spray formula, but you'll love it. Smells great to us, but a crystal clear cat scratching deterrent for our feline friends. They'll get the hint within minutes. Keep cats away with our cat spray and enjoy peace of mind knowing they will no longer destroy items in your home. Live in peace together with our keep off cat scratch spray
  • Alcohol Free Formula and Safe for Your Home - EBPP cat deterrent is great for drapes, furniture, fabric, plants, flooring, doorways and more. While tapes can permanently damage your home's sensitive surfaces and leave a messy residue, our cat spray deterrent is safe for use around your home and an exceptional cat spray and anti scratch furniture protector. Pleasant rosemary fragrance will dissipate after use. Most customers find the smell quite calming, especially after seeing the results
  • Easy to Use, Just Spray to Deter - We recommend spraying 3-4 times daily for the first two weeks, and then lessening frequency as your cat learns their new behavior. Take advantage of the FREE training tips offered through our interactive training program after purchase. Our cat repellents & training aids are a compassionate way to train your furry friends. We are committed to your success
  • 100% MANUFACTURER'S SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We're so confident you'll love the results that if you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked. How's that for standing behind a product
Bestseller No. 15
Nature's Miracle Advanced Platinum Dog Pet Block Repellent Spray 16 Ounce
  • Formulated to keep pets from treated areas
  • Natural repellant scents
  • Long-lasting concentrated formula
  • For indoor and outdoor training
  • Packagining may vary

Our Tips For Buying The Best Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture

By focusing on a few key details, you can choose the right Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture. The following information could help you if you’re seeking for the greatest one. Before making a purchase, make sure you check these out.


The Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture brand is usually a vital consideration when choosing a purchase. Customers want to be sure they are purchasing a high-quality item, and they rely on brands to give them that confidence. Brand recognition can occasionally be even more significant than the actual goods.

There are a number of reasons why people like brands.

If you know the well-known manufacturers to look for, finding the ideal Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture is not difficult. A brand is a representation of sturdiness, respect, and trust. However, many businesses are only ready to rob you by providing free promotions.

Despite this, a reputable brand always strives to satisfy its customers. Therefore, make sure to acquire a Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture from a reputable brand if you want to be delighted with your purchase.


Instead of investing in the best goods, the majority of consumers are constantly searching for the cheapest. However, there is a distinct group of people who understand that higher-quality goods are worth higher prices.

Cost-effectiveness, however, does not necessarily equate to paying less for goods than they are genuinely worth. You can locate what you’re looking for in this way. Create a flexible budget in order to find the greatest product in your desired market.

Customer Feedback

Customers who read customer reviews before purchasing a Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture always come out on top. If this is your first time purchasing it, you most likely are unaware of its true advantages and disadvantages.

As a result, the corporation creates adverts to promote its goods, making it highly likely that they are concealing any down sites.
However, checking the customer reviews is one way to get the company’s sincere opinions. Taking a look is preferable to squandering money on useless items.


Every business produces its goods for a diverse range of consumers. In that scenario, its design and operational method might not be suitable for all customers.

Therefore, you should determine which functionality and what kind of necessity you most need. In this manner, you can choose the Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture that is ideal for you.

Time of Delivery

Last but not least, keep an eye on the shipment or transit time. Before placing an order for a product you want to buy, you should find out how long it will take to arrive.

Products are often delivered by Amazon or other trustworthy businesses on business days, thus Saturday and Sunday are not included in this calculation.

Furthermore, during particular holidays, the delivery can be delayed. Prior to making a purchase, make sure the item will arrive by the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Why Should I Purchase This?

People typically like a product when it is the greatest on the market and falls within their price range. Based on this knowledge, we decide on the Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture.

To discover the best, we occasionally need to sift through hundreds of products. Thus, it can be concluded that the products we chose are the best.

Hopefully, you won’t have to think twice if you want to purchase the ideal things at the proper price.

2. How can you identify a trusted brand?

A well-known brand can be identified by its excellent product reviews and widespread acclaim. A new company that is growing in popularity may produce both good and bad products. Established brands have long-lasting popularity. Customers are confident in them because of this.

3. Is buying Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture Worth the Money?

It is normal to become confused about which items are ideal for your budget when there are so many on the market. It must be remembered, though, that the product should be chosen even if it costs a little more.

Even so, the Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture we chose are reasonably priced and excellent buys when quality is taken into account.

4. Is the Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture really useful?

All of the products we assessed were carefully chosen, reducing the possibility of inaccuracy. Before choosing a product, we conduct research and read reviews. It is safe to say that these Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture will be useful for your work.

Final Words

Because there are so many different kinds of products and features, it can be hard for beginners to find the Best Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture. So many things are on the market that even experts have trouble choosing the right ones.

You won’t need to waste time wandering around aimlessly because we’ve already found the best of the best for you. From our list of the Spray To Keep Cats Off Furniture, you can choose the product that best fits your needs.

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