Best Cardstock for Cricut: Reviews in 2021 [Top 8 Picks]

Sometimes you find yourself wondering which cardstock to use after suddenly getting the perfect inspiration for the next craft-making project. This muddling mind is not so uncommon for creative people.

In truth, all cardstock projects are fun as well as practical. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing card making, creating gift boxes, or just into die-cutting, you’ll need a Cricut to turn the project into a reality. 

Cardstock projects are a great way to get started with your Cricut. And since not all cardstock you find on the market is good, experimenting to find the best cardstock for cricut will be frustrating.

To avoid the hassle, go through this article, as we’ll tell you all that you need to know about cardstock to get your project started as soon as possible.

Top 8 Best Cardstock for Cricut

Not all cardstock is created equal and different crafters have preferences that are poles apart. We’ve looked through tons of cardstock types and picked some of the best ones for you. Have a look!

1. Accent Opaque White Cardstock Paper

This is simply a great product for printing digital scrapbook paper, envelopes, party favor tags, wedding invitations, and cards. This cardstock is the best cardstock for cricut maker for sure.

There are very few other alternatives that are stiff, thick, and print out this beautifully. No matter whatever you make, be it a printable tag, invitations, digital background papers, party favor tags, or cards, it will result in gorgeous color and details.

You can also run this paper on your personal printers like Inkjet or Laser without any complaints whatsoever. 

The product in question is a 65 lbs. or 176 GSM weight paper. It comes in a smooth texture with white color. With a size of 8.5” x 11” or letter size, it provides you with premium-level printability. It also comes in a 10 ream of 250 sheets each. 

This white and thick paper also offers a high bright shade along with a matte finish. Excellent in printability, this premium looking paper makes the color on it bolder and brighter.

Moreover, the paper is also acid-free. Which means you’ll probably notice no yellowing on them. On a side note, if you care about the environment, you’ll be glad to know that all Accent papers are SFI and FSC certified.

This means the cardstocks come from forests that are managed responsibly by growing more trees for future generations. Knowing this, you can really feel glad purchasing their cardstock.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for all kinds of craftworks
  • Never gets stuck in Cricut machines
  • Can also be used in personal printers
  • Smooth and matte finish gives a premium look
  • Climate pledge friendly with SFI and FSC certification

2. Astrobrights Mega Collection Colored Cardstock

This incredible colored cardstock from Astrobrights will make all your bright ideas stand out. If you want to make a bold statement with your crafts, this is the option you can make.

These cardstocks are not only perfect for your Cricut machine but also will work with your home printers equally well. Such compatibility makes this item very much versatile as well.

Astrobrights brings a large assortment of colored cards in this package, including yellow, blue, orange, red, and green.

There are 64 sheets of each color, making the total count 320. Such many cardstocks mean you can now deliver your message with more creativity and fun.

Another awesome feature is that the papers are solid cored, which means these are dyed throughout. It gives you a seamless cutting, folding, and tearing without any white core.

The papers are 65 lbs. or 176 GSM, which is slightly below standard cardstock weight. Still, it is good enough for the most perfect Cricut creations.

Each of the sheets is lignin and acid-free. So, they will give you long-lasting results without fading over time.

Besides, its smooth surface also results in high impact and vibrant color graphics as well to inspire your creativity. Ignite your imagination with eye-catching documents to make all your projects memorable and unique.

Moreover, all Astrobrights products are Forest Stewardship Council certified. This means you can craft your everyday projects as vibrant as you like being environmentally conscious at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • Assortment of colors are incredibly vibrant
  • Sheets are lignin and acid-free
  • Solid core papers for best crafting results
  • Both Inkjet and laser printer compatible

3. Darice Core’dinations Premium Cardstock

Cardstock is a must-have if you’re a crafter because you never know when inspiration strikes. So, you need to make sure your craft room is fully stocked with cardstock supplies. Be it for scrapbooking, floral design, or kids’ crafts, you cannot go without cardstocks.

The Darice Core’dinations cardstock pack has been providing the best-colored crafting supplies for nearly four decades. Their cardstock pack contains the most vibrant colored papers you will ever need. So you can always get just the color you’re looking for.

Featuring 65-lb paper with solid dyed core, this item has been produced to make your design or scrapbooking look premium.

Since these are solid dyed, their insides and outsides look the same. Such papers give crafts a nicer look since all the cut and torn pieces have the same color.

The pack contains 100 sheets of 12”x12” size of 20 different colors. This means for each color, there are 5 sheets in the pack. Name any color you want, and you’ll get it in this pack. 

Darice premium cardstock pack is acid and lignin-free. You can easily cut, fold or run them through any printer.

Besides, these smooth papers also crease without flaking a bit. These characteristics will give all your crafts an outstanding quality with a distinguished look.

Great for all skill levels, from classroom projects to professional artworks, the Darice Core’dinations provide the most versatile cardstock pack you can find on the market. Creating masterpieces with this cardstock will be more frequent from now on.

If you’re new to using that Cricut machine, then this is the best cardstock for cricut cards. Try avoiding white core cardstock unless it is for practice only.

Solid-core papers like Darice will give you the best value for money no matter whatever you do with them.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 20 different colored cardstocks
  • Solid dyed core sheets for accurate crafting
  • Acid and lignin-free for a long-lasting effect
  • Can be easily cut, folded without flaking

4. American Crafts Cardstock Pad

Offering a wide range of gorgeous colors, the American Crafts covers all the shades of the color wheel. This archival-quality cardstock is the best cardstock for cricut flowers to any crafter’s collection.

Perfect for any project like die cutting, embossing, scrapbooking, or card making, these paper sheets will give you fantastic results in all of them.

This high-quality paper is also acid-free and safe for archives. Since they are made of high-quality material, any project made with them tends to last longer than you expect.

Including 48 heavyweight sheets of 80 lb. this item is a wonderful collection for all your go-to crafting. Besides, 80 lb. means the sheets are solid and strong enough to make gift cards and boxes. There are 12 primary colors available in the pack that fulfills most of your necessities. 

This vibrant pack of cardstock makes paper crafts feel like a breeze since they are so easy to handle. The American Crafts Cardstock Pad is a nice and thick cardstock pack for silhouette machines also.

Capture memories and creativity with this cardstock that comes packaged in a reusable file box as well. It helps to keep your papers and other things safe and well organized.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a wide range of gorgeous colors
  • Versatile paper usable for all projects and cutting
  • Contains the primary colors only to boost creativity
  • Item comes packaged in a reusable file box

5. Recollections Cardstock Paper

Every crafter who loves to work with the Cricut machine needs this basic cardstock pack. When you have a special project coming up, you’ll need many colored papers to do it perfectly. This is where this assorted color pack comes in.

Recollections bring this awesome 20 primary colored cardstock paper pack that adds layers of color to all of your projects. Perfect for matting photos and making cards, this package of extra-thick paper is all you need.

There are 20 sheets of cardstock in this pack, each of vibrant color as they should be. Not only do these papers feel and cut good, but their brightly mixed colors also bring life to all the stories you make with them.

When you need to make handmade cards, add layers to projects, or get crafting done with your Cricut, the 20 shades of bright-colored cardstocks will provide a vibrant pop to all.  

You cannot but love Recollections paper for using in a Cricut since they are quite sturdy. Besides, if you want to really make bright and noticeable flyers, brochures, and other documents, there are very few alternatives than this one.

Each sheet has a dimension of 8.5 x 11-inch with a weight of 65-lb, giving high-quality print as well.

Cater to your love of paper with these acid and lignin-free cardstock and make your papercrafts the most vibrant of all.

Highlighted Features

  • Package contains 20 primary colored sheets
  • There are 200 sheets in the pack
  • Acid and lignin-free material made
  • Extra sturdy 65-lb material

6. Crafasso Heavy & Premium Glitter cardstock

This is the first item in our list that has glitters on. The Crafasso cardstock comes in many colors and shades with a wide assortment of textures and styles. However, the item we’re reviewing now comes in golden color.

Exquisitely beautiful and shimmery, this premium cardstock is the best glitter cardstock for cricut you could wish for while making gift boxes and cards.

Besides, they are also sturdy enough to be used as cake toppers. With a weight of 300GSM, these glittery paper sheets are very strong to hold on their own.

What’s great about this cardstock is that there are no annoying stickers on the back to ruin your crafts. Strong to stand and hold, this golden glitter cardstock makes sure you find and make exactly what and how you want. 

Some might wonder if the glitters flake or fall off. However, there is nothing to worry about the glitters flaking off that easily. They have been properly glued to last for a long time, even under tough conditions. 

You can use this cardstock with your Cricut as well. But make sure you cut on a firmer setting in the machine since these sheets are a little bit on the thick side.

Like all of the previously mentioned items, this one is also acid and lignin-free. Therefore, it is entirely Eco-friendly as well. Another important thing to remember is that the Crafasso glitter cardstock is not solid cored but rather white cored sheets.

Highlighted Features

  • Very much sturdy and tough sheets
  • Can be used as a topper for cake as well
  • Glitters don’t fall off easily
  • Can be used in Cricut machines

7. DCWV Gold and White Premium Printed Cardstock Stack

Talk about aesthetics and low cost at the same time. DCWV’s premium printed cardstock comes in two colors of gold and white. Both of these colors signify brightness as well as elegance.

This pack includes 24 sheets of sizes 12X12 inches. All of these sheets have gold foil prints of different designs. Some include stripes, dots, lines, and even pineapples.

You’ll also find some journaling card pages with which you can start making your own beautiful journal right away.

There are some sheets with gold embellishments of beautiful designs which you can cut out and decorate many of your crafts. Besides, the sheets with nice texts help out in designing your journal or in making gift cards as well.

However, these nice cardstocks are not solid core. They have gold designs and prints on one side and plain white on the other. Actually, this is pretty handy if you want to print out your business card information on the white side. They’ll look stunning for sure.

With nearly endless possibilities of awesome projects, these white and gold cardstock pack is the best cardstock for cricut explore air 2. Their thickness and weight are just perfect to be used on the Cricut machine you own.

Highlighted Features

  • Feature aesthetical white and gold cardstocks
  • Each of the sheets has uniquely designed prints
  • Can be used as embellishments too
  • Since the other side is white, you can print as you like

8. Cricut Cardstock Sampler

We’ve come to the end of our reviews for the best cardstock. This Cricut Cardstock Sampler has 24 different colored sheets each of dimensions 12 x 24 inches. The colors are green, yellow, teal, dark orange, purple, and dark pink. This means there are four sheets for each color.

These big-sized Cricut cardstock sheets let you go far and beyond with your crafting skills. Perfect for making greeting cards, bulletin boards, paper crafts, and school projects alike, these cardstock sheets are any crafter’s favorite item.

No more using scraps from rectangular waste with this Cricut cardstock. There are endless ways you can use these coloring sheets. But most importantly, they have been specially made to be used in cricut machines.

Totally acid and lignin-free, these sheets are safe to use and retain their colors for a long time as well. They are also safe to use with photos in Cricut machines. 

Another nice touch that you’ll find with this item is the awesome texture of these sheets. This will make the quality of all your projects look way more professional than they used to. 

Highlighted Features

  • Six different colored sheets
  • Cardstocks have a nice texture
  • Gives any item a professional look
  • Safe to use with photos in Cricut machines

What to Look for While Buying Cardstock for Cricut?

If you’re done with our picks but still undecided on which cardstock to buy, the following guide might help you make a better buying decision. 

Decide Core Type

While looking for cardstocks for your Cricut, you might’ve heard about “solid core” and “white core” items. This core type gives you an idea about the quality of the product.

The white core cardstocks are colored on both sides but are white in the middle. If you tear the paper, you’ll notice the white edges. Usually, this type is of lower quality than solid core cardstocks. Because keeping the middle core white is a cheaper way to produce cardstocks.

When you make intricate cuts with this paper, the white edges become visible. However, you can use an ink pad or marker to make the edges less visible. 

On the other hand, solid core cardstocks will have no visible edges as they are dyed with the same color all the way through. This type is best for your Cricut projects.

Cardstock Weight

Cardstock comes in various weights and can vary from brand to brand even when the number is the same. Usually measured in GSM that stands for Grams per Square Meter, cardstock with a higher number means they are more heavy and thick.

Usually, the papers you use in those inkjet printers are roughly between 70 to 100 GSM. Anything above this is known as cardstock. However, the most common weight of cardstock for Cricut craft-making tends to be between 220 to 280 GSM. 

This is actually a very popular weight for card making and die-cutting. Luxury wedding invitation cards tend to be thicker than this.

On another note, some countries measure this weight in lbs. instead of GSM. For them, the 220 to 280 GSM is equivalent to 80 lbs. 

Card Texture

Before buying your cardstock decide which textured item you want to have to get inside your Cricut machine.

There are numerous types of cardstock in terms of their texture from mirror to glitter or from Embossed to patterned. You’ll find absolutely smooth colored cardstocks too. 


The size of the cardstock matters too. Don’t buy a product too large for your Cricut machine. Most people are familiar with A4-sized cardstocks, and they come in handy in various other ways too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of cardstock is best for Cricut?

There are two major types of cardstock sheets; solid core and white core. When you are making paper crafts, you need to cut them into many pieces. So, it is better to use solid core sheets so that the project looks perfect.

  • Can the Cricut machine print on cardstock?

Nowadays, Cricut contains a more powerful print than usual printers and can print on colored papers and cardstock alike.

  • Can I use cardstock on Cricut without a mat?

Sometimes heavy cardstock becomes too small to feed through the Cricut machine without a mat. So using a mat for the Cricut machine is always useful.

  • What cardstock should be used for greeting cards?

The most common weight for cardstock is 80 lb. which can easily be used to make invitation cards, greeting cards, business cards as well as DIY crafts.

  • Is cardstock thick enough to be used as a postcard?

Some cardstock can be passed as postcards, provided they have a thickness of at least 0.0007 inches.

Final Words

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can use cardstock for and make all of your DIY projects and papercrafts look awesome.

But for that to happen, selecting the best cardstock for Cricut is necessary. We hope this article has helped you in that process. Happy crafting!

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